About us

ESERO-UK, also known as the UK Space Education and Resource Office, aims to use the context of space to open doors for young people by delivering engaging, world-class teaching in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Working alongside STEM Learning, ESERO-UK is able to provide influence, funding and services to improve the teaching of STEM subjects in schools and colleges and inspire young people through enrichment activities.

ESERO-UK is funded by the European Space Agency, the UK Space Agency and the Science and Technology Facilities Council

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What we offer

  • Resources

    With more than 700 resources to browse through, ESERO-UK's resources are free to use and download. 

  • CPD

    Based on the latest developments in education and research, CPD can be accessed both face-to-face and online. 

  • Awareness

    Stay up to date with the latest space-related news, blogs and events.

ESERO across Europe

ESERO-UK is part of a larger family of offices spread throughout Europe and established by ESA in collaboration with national and institutional partners active in science education.

The ESERO offices offer a full range of tailor-made resources and activities to primary and secondary school teachers and students.

The focus is on training opportunities, workshops, and conferences for teachers, who will help today's young people to become more enthusiastic and interested in space sciences and technologies.

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