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Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) case studies

The Space Education Quality Mark (SEQM) is designed to support schools and colleges using the subject of space to inspire and engage their students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. This set of four case studies demonstrates how different schools have benefitted from achieving the...

Up, up, up! - Build and launch your own rockets

Rockets are used to launch satellites, probes and even astronauts into space. A rocket launch is extremely impressive. Thousands of kilograms are burned in just a few minutes in order to provide the force that the rocket needs in order to overcome the gravity of the Earth. Rockets provide an exciting context to...

Mars Diary Chapter Six: Mars and Beyond

‘Before you set off on your next space adventure, tell the people back on Earth why Mars is worth a visit.’

In this concluding activity students are encouraged to summarise their findings from the other five chapters, by:

  • creating a poster about space tourism,
  • drawing/writing a comic...

Mars Diary Chapter Five: Sustainable Living

‘Design a city that has everything you'll need for a happy, productive and safe life on Mars.’

In this chapter students work out they could overcome Martian conditions to create a sustainable habitat, including

  • mapping what is required by a community,
  • designing buildings/domes that...

Mars Diary Chapter Four: Science on Mars

‘Work with your rover to collect scientific samples then head to the lab. It's time to experiment!’

In this chapter students think about the challenges of running experiments on Mars using a robotic rover, including

  • programming the rover to navigate,
  • decrypting coded messages,
  • ...

Mars Diary Chapter Three: Your New Home

‘Explore your new home, from its climate to its terrain, then build a rover to help your research.’

In this chapter students figure out more about the surface of Mars, including:

  • finding out about the weather on Mars,
  • creating a newspaper article about water on Mars,
  • ...

Mars Diary Chapter Two: Plan Your Mission

‘Recruit your crew, pack your bag and design your rocket to launch your mission!’

In this chapter students find out about some the challenges that will be presented with space exploration to Mars, including:

  • comprehending the changing distances between our planets
  • describing the skills...

Mars Diary Chapter One: Life on Mars

‘Why do we send humans and robots into space? What will Mars be like, compared to Earth?’

In this introduction chapter students find out more about Mars, including:

  • comparing Earth to Mars
  • describing past, present and future missions to Mars
  • writing a diary to Tim Peake...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Six: Beyond Deep Space

‘Share your amazing discoveries with your fellow Earthlings, through words and images’

In this concluding chapter students are encouraged to summarise their findings from the other five chapters, by writing and illustrating a newspaper article and by creating a visual dictionary of the new scientific...

Deep Space Diary Chapter Five: Groundbreaking Discoveries

‘Your telescope has captured intriguing data that we need you to analyse’

In this chapter students think about the unique signatures that come back from different objects in space, including:

  • analysing infrared images and comparing them to visible light
  • looking through datasets that...