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Principia Space Diary: 8 minutes to space

In this creative writing activity children imagine what it is like to leave Earth on a journey into outer space.  It uses the context of British astronaut Tim Peake’s journey to the International Space Station as a stimulus to develop literacy skills.

This resource is part of the Principia Space Diary,...

IET Faraday STEM Posters

A range of downloadable classroom posters to support learning in science, computing and engineering. They link to curriculum topics including: forces,...

First Lego League Junior

  • Children are introduced to STEM subjects through experimentation, design skills and critical thinking, by using Lego. 
  • First Lego League Junior


Look to the Future: the Future Needs STEM

This careers pack, for primary schools, uses space as a context to highlight the importance of STEM subjects. The resource has been written to highlight some of the STEM career opportunities available so that students, teachers and school communities can discuss and explore, from an earlier age, the breadth of jobs...

Turtle Life Cycle (Age 7-11)

This resource produced by ARKive supports the teaching of life-cycles at Key Stage Two. It looks at mammals, amphibians, reptiles and plants and finds similarities between the life cycles of animals and plants within each group, as well as some of the similarities and differences between these groups. There is a...

Lesson 4 - Can You Add Content?

In the previous session, pupils created a magazine template and now they have the opportunity to add their own content of text and images to it. Pupils will be taught to copy information for the front of their magazine from a pre-written document and paste it onto the front of their magazine covers. Pupils will...

Creating Media - Desktop Publishing Overview

This resource provides a unit overview for the Year 3 ‘Creating Media- Desktop Publishing’ unit of work. It gives a clear overview of objectives to be covered within each session and a learning graph to show the range of skills being developed through this computing unit.


Redraw the balance

This video reveals the reality of gender stereotyping amongst primary school children. When asked to draw a firefighter, surgeon and a fighter pilot, 61 pictures were drawn of men and only 5 were female.  This film from Employers and Education helps to raise issues and challenge stereotypes amongst primary -age...

Save our home!

What is the common link between chocolate biscuits and orangutans? In this activity aimed at ages 8-9, children learn about rainforests, their location, structure and some of the animals and plants that live in them. They look at rainforests in Sumatra and how deforestation has occurred in order to grow oil palm...

A propagator for small plants or seedlings

In this activity students make a simple plant propagator and grow plants from seeds.


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